Desert Bivouac

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This is probably what you’ve been expecting from Morocco, and, the Sahara Desert at its best is here: the dunes, the colors, smooth shapes, unique silhouettes, and unexplainable warmth and energy wait for you. Yes, Erg Chebbi dunes are indeed something not to miss while in Morocco and a trip south to the region is well worth it.
Erg Chebbi are a gorgeous little piece of dunes in the south-east region of Morocco, close to the Algerian border, where its unique orange color and shapes make it worth to visit.
We offer you desert accommodation in the dunes as we have small cosy bivouacs. Our Bivouac in Morocco is supported by a traditional mud-type house, hosting a dining room, toilets and beautiful patio, as well as several nomad tents spread around the dunes, providing privacy and great comfort right in the middle of the sand. We offer VIP tents and Standard Tents.

What is a Bivouac?

A bivouac refers to a determined encampment made with tents or improvised shelters. It is also commonly used to describe a variety of improvised camp sites such as those used by nomads in Sahara Desert. Nomad tents are specifically prepared to be able to be dismounted and taken from place to place during camel caravans.

Our tents are made from traditional materials and create a unique atmosphere around the dunes where our bivouac complex is located. Tents are made of camel wool, the perfect material for Sahara Desert tents as their thickness protects the Sun and the heat to come in, plus, it’s darken color creates shade. While it rains, the wool it self gets bigger, producing a water-proof material.

Lux Tents – VIP

For those that like to splurge yourselves once in a while, we have great bivouac facilities that will make you feel like a King in its Saharan tent.
Our VIP Lux Tents in Sahara are something incredible to experience, as decoration was prepared to its maximum, creating an unbelievable and unforgettable ambiance.
VIP tents have are divided into 2 different spaces within 1 tent: bed and living room.

Standard Tents

Standard tents offer you the regular decorated nomad tent, where you’ll spend the night inside a true Sahara ambiance.